Just Announced! As part of our continued effort to help others, we have just completed our Certification to become part of the Nation’s #1 resource for helping Seniors with the Life Altering necessity of moving into long term care. Below is a copy our our certificate from Mom’s House and I cannot say how proud we are to be affiliated with the two co-founders Phill Vincent and Ben Rao!

We will still provide funding to equity based projects, but our primary focus moving forward will be dedicated to being the solution to helping Seniors and their family deal with getting Mom (or Dad) into the care community faster with less headaches and stress. We are the “Easy Button” to take care of Mom’s Stuff, selling her house and getting into the community faster.

We Make It Easy To Get The “Benjamins” You Need

Our loans are based on the value of the property, NOT your credit!

Easy Benjamins was founded because we know there are folks like you that need short term financing for real estate projects. We have been in business for over 20 years and have been blessed to make connections with people that have funds to loan.

The one type of Real Estate loans we do NOT do is for an Owner Occupied property. That is a completely different type of loan and you will need to go to your local bank or credit union for those. It’s just not what we do.

We also do combination loans for people that want to buy and repair, and then hold for investments.

That being said, if you are looking for funding for your next Fix & Flip or Fix and Hold, talk to us! We are in the business of building long term relationships with our clients.

You can also click the button below to call us directly to discuss your project.

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And, yes, if the opportunity is right, we will also buy your property outright and you are welcome to browse through our current list of Rehab opportunities if you are looking for your next project.